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The sleek, minimalistic Sky Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser brings the serenity of aromatherapy to your space in a simple, yet innovative design. This large capacity aroma diffuser features a large water tank with powerful ultrasonic atomisation that silently disperses your favourite essential oil into the air with coverage of up to 45m2. 

 This Ultrasonic Sky Diffuser offers a long runtime of 2 or 4 hours in a continuous setting or at 8 hours in an interval mode, making it ideal for bedtime so you can wake feeling revived and refreshed. 

The elegant outer glass casing transitions from opaque to clear in a dreamy waft inspired by clouds in the sky and the integrated LED lighting brings a warm ambience to any space you desire. The Sky Aroma Mister also offers a hydrating misting option, helping you breathe comfortably while promoting a sense of calm well-being.  

Available in White. Dimensions 255mm high x 80mm diameter


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