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The Silver Solution - 500ml Colloidal Silver


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Colloidal Silver has been used successfully as a natural support to the body's immune system for over thirty years and has an ever-growing worldwide consumer following.

We use a different manufacturing technique from most other Colloidal Silver manufacturers resulting in a crystal clear, high energy, high quality, Ionic-Colloidal Silver that has benefited thousands of New Zealanders with no reported negative reactions in 21 years of manufacturing.

 Don't let sickness keep you down

Who should take The Silver Solution®?

  • Anyone who is struggling with their health.
  • Those wanting to support the body's natural immunity and defences.
  • Those wanting to help the body cope with the winter ills and chills and with the immune defences in the eyes, nose, and mouth.


Suitable for the whole family

  • Gentle, easy-to-drink, high-quality dietary supplement.
  • Has an excellent safety profile when used as directed.
  • Not known to interfere with any medication, or cause side effects.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.



How to take Colloidal Silver: Drink as required or take sublingually (under the tongue) additionally it can be sprayed.

Special directions: For best results take colloidal silver straight without mixing with juice other additives.

Dosage: Follow the instructions on the label - 10-20mls per day (children half dosage) - or as directed by your health professional. For a powerful boost 50ml, twice per day (children half dosage) may be taken but not recommended for more than 2-3 days, if taking large dosages drink extra water, however not at the same time as the colloidal silver - unless you are wanting to get the colloidal silver further down your small intestine, if this is the case then also supplement with a pro-biotic (eg natural yoghurt).

Frequency: Take Colloidal Silver daily or as required.

Safety: Bottle is glass therefore keep out of reach of children, always replace lid after usage. Do not purchase The Silver Solution if the seal is broken.

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight, store at room temperature, away from magnetic or electrical fields.

Quality guarantee: If your product does not reach you in good condition please return to the manufacturer, Colloidal Health Solutions Ltd, P.O. Box 3001, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Food: Colloidal Silver may be taken with or without food.

Pregnancy: *No known problems. Breast feeding: *No known problems. Adverse side effects: *No known problems. Antacids: *No known problems. Reaction to medication: *No known problems. Reaction to medical conditions: *No known problems. Toxicity: *No known problems. Overdose: *No known problems. Addiction: *Non-addictive. Allergic reaction: *Non-allergenic.

*when taken at recommended dosages.

The Silver Solution Colloidal Silver has no known negative side effects or drug interactions when taken at recommended dosages.


What is colloidal? Colloidal means fine particles held in fluid suspension. All life occurs and lives naturally in the colloidal state. Our blood functions in a constant colloidal state.

Is colloidal better? Yes, because our blood is colloidal, it is the ultimate form for intake and absorption. The body cannot use crystalline or tablet form without first converting it, this leaves unwanted crystalline wastage for your body to eliminate.

Is Silver safe? Three international studies found the average daily diet contained silver between 30-100mcg's; as silver is a natural part of our daily diets our bodies are familiar with silver. EPA indicates silver to be non-toxic and non-carcinogenic at prescribed levels.

Is silver a toxic heavy metal? Silver, as a metal, is inert and is one of the noble metals. Like copper, iron, zinc, and other elements. Silver mineral ore can be produced into a metal, or for nutritional benefit.

Will Colloidal Silver kill the good bacteria in my intestine? The simple answer is no, as it is absorbed into the first 30cm of the small intestine (the average adults small intestine is approximately six metres long), however if you are wanting to get colloidal silver into your large intestine you would need to drink 50mls twice daily and 3-4 large glasses of water or it will not reach that area.

Will I get Argyria? No, only if you use homemade solutions, or some other weird solution that is not a true 10ppm electro colloidal silver. See Regarding Argyria for further information.

How long can I take it for? Daily, as a nutritional supplement.

What is the shelf life? Three years plus.

Can give it to my pets? Yes, The Silver Solution is just as beneficial for animals as humans; place a portion in the drinking water of cats, dogs, birds, and horses, or in fish tank etc.

Is homemade colloidal silver safe? Homemade colloidal silver can lack strict, controlled manufacturing procedures and the purity of basic raw materials, the dangers exist by producing a solution that may also contain toxic substances, namely silver chloride, silver sulphate etc. At best it is an inferior quality solution with a low bioavailability and shelf life, at worst it is possibly dangerous. It is also very risky making something so scientifically technical at home without proper analysis. Note: nearly every modern case of Argyria reported is from homemade solutions and people drinking large amounts of it.

Are all colloidal silvers the same? No, It depends on various factors including the manufacturing technique and quality of water. 


In attempting to make colloidal silver, 1st generation solutions were a crude shadow of those being produced day, they consisted of large ground or chemically dissolved silver particles and stabilised with proteins, they were effective but caused a greying of the skin, also they were unstable falling out of suspension after only a few days. 40 years later in the 1970's the technology was invented to create much-improved colloidal silver. Now with new technology, advanced solutions like The Silver Solution are produced, they are more effective, contain no additives or stabilisers and remains in excellent condition for years. In today's market it is important to note that there are varying types of colloidal silver available, all with varying results.

Regarding Argyria

Can I get Argyria? Argyria; A slate-gray or bluish discoloration of the skin and deep tissues due to the deposit of insoluble albuminate of silver. Also called argyrism. For someone to contract Argyria, one would have to consume a solution with extremely large particles of silver. This would not be true colloidal silver and would most probably be made with chemically dissolved silver or a silver powder that has been ground down, or a home brew. To the best of our knowledge there have never been any reported cases of Argyria with professionally made colloidal silver. Probably because it does not produce the silver salts or silver nitrate that are attributed to causing the bluing of the skin.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that people would normally need approximately 20 grams of silver in the body to produce Argyria. For example, even if we manufactured our product incorrectly by producing large particles that remained in the body, one would still have to consume thousands of 110ml bottles to produce 20 grams of silver. There are many other products with thousands of times more silver in them that are used daily like hair dyes etc, the product we produce has very small particles.

Our advice...: Ignore the hype, stick to the recommended dosages, stay away from home made solutions or make your own home kits and only use only quality Colloidal Silver. Thousands of people have taken our product over the last 21 years and we have never heard of one adverse side effect.


Category: Available without prescription. Available as: Dietary Supplement or Homeopathic Medicine. Formulation: Easy to drink, crystal clear liquid (slight taste). Type colloid/ionic. Note: An Atomic Absorption Spectra Photometer, (not TDS meter) is needed for testing parts per million. Ingredients: Ultra Purified water approx. 0.1 Micro-siemens; which equates to approx. 3 times double-distilled water. 50mcg per 5ml (10ppm) of atom sized particles of pure silver approx. 1.26 angstrom (thousands of times smaller than a red blood cell) with a small positive charge on each particle. No other additives or preservatives.

So is Colloidal Silver Safe? Colloidal Silver is safe to use when taken as directed.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional

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