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The natural felt wool is hypo-allergenic and soft on babies skin. It is a comfortable and safe swing indoor swing for ages 6 months to 3 years. Entertain your children naturally and make wonderful memories while aiding their development AND being kind to the environment!

Expertly crafted in New Zealand to last for generations. The timeless natural design makes it an enduring classic you can be proud to hand on to future generations. 

All our swings are proudly made in New Zealand with a business model to support local rural communities. Learn more.

Before Purchasing; Please check hanging heights below.

If ordering from Europe please check our European retailers for stock as there are duties and taxes charged when importing into Europe. Contact us if you need help finding a retailer for your chosen product and colour.


This swing can be hung up to a height of 2.8 metres, or 7' 10" without adding extension ropes. (note this is the hanging height not the length of the ropes) If you purchase directly from us we can also organise to make the ropes longer, which may have an additional small cost. Please email us if you require this service. Alternatively you may decide to purchase extension ropes or tree hangers. 


We believe in the quality of our materials, skill of our team and making products which don't contribute to the landfill at the end of a short life. This swing comes with our standard 9 year guarantee.

This swing is made to last for generations so when you are finished with the swing please hand it on to share the joy with others! When it does come to the end of it's life the wood and wool of the swing will naturally biodegrade in your compost and the plastic components are no.5 plastic, easily recycled through your local systems. The rope is recyclable polypropylene and can be returned to us.


It is an extremely safe swing for your baby with its safety belt, leg divider and closed hooks and screw eyes. It conforms to the safety standards of Australasia and North America. 

Packing and Convenience

Conveniently designed the swing packs down flat for easy storage and transport. Carbine hooks and screw eyes also make the swing easy to move between indoors and out or various places in your home or other locations.



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