Retro Tides 2mm Swimsuit


Size: 6
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Retro tides will have you reminiscing of the endless summer

  • Women's Limited Edition, Eco-conscious swimsuit
  • 2mm Limestone based neoprene
  • Nylon lining made from recycled PET bottles
  • Flatlocked stitched seams
  • Interior zip fly 
  • Heat spotted seams for a durable finish
  • Made in Australia

The perfect adventure buddie for surfing, Stand Up Paddling, diving, swimming, or wherever your ocean adventures take you...



Our wetsuits are exclusively made from premium limestone-based neoprene, also known as Geoprene. Old-fashioned wetsuits are petroleum based with a different cell structure. A petroleum based wetsuit has a cell penetration of 60-70%, they soak up water like a sponge, they get heavy, let the cold water get to you, and are an absolute pain to get on with their limited stretch. 


Meanwhile Geoprene wetsuits have got your back! All because they are 94% water impermeable. This distinctive cell structure of a Geoprene suit makes them warmer, lighter; absorbing little water,  more durable, and stretchier. Once you try on a Geoprene wetsuit, there is no going back!


While we use limestone based neoprene, as this is one of the best eco-friendly neoprene options of the 21st century that doesn’t compromise functionality of a wetsuit, but enhances it. As textile innovation continues we are excited to see even better sustainable neoprene in the future. But for now, we take the best option available to us


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