A Perfect Gift of NZ Made Solid Cologne & Deodorant


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A Perfect Grooming Gift Including NZ Made Solid Cologne and Deodorant.

Zorilla’s natural deodorants are great at reducing bacteria and thereby neutralising odour. Our deodorants are soft and smooth, not gritty, and easy to apply. They contain essential oils to eliminate odour and reduce sweating. These also include probiotics to help the growth of the good, pleasant smelling bacteria. Kombucha for your armpits!

Zorilla’s New Zealand Made Solid Colognes are travel friendly and long lasting. Using beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter they are easy to apply. Because of that, they can moisturise as well as smell fantastic.

Solid colognes are so much better than liquid colognes. They contain no alcohol which can irritate skin. They are travel friendly. You do not waste half your cologne spraying into the air. Ex, Why and Zed are inspired by Paco Rabanne’s and Jean Paul Gaultier’s leading fragrances. Our natural cologne, ” See ” is our own special blend of essential oils. Its top notes are patchouli, bergamot and orange for a subtle and sophisticated scent.

Therefore our natural deodorants and solid colognes are a necessity for every man, every day.

The perfect gift.

Included in every gift box is a gift card and of course minties to sweeten the deal!

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