A Perfect Gift of NZ Made Beard Balm


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A Perfect Grooming Gift Including Two NZ Made Beard Balms.

This Zorilla gift for men contains two NZ Made beard balms with Anti Itch and conditioning beard balm from Zorilla and Beard and Face Moisturiser from The Dark Heart  Beard Company. Both oils are essential oils and natural ingredients to nourish and strengthen your beard hair.

Zorilla Beard Balm Promotes Hair Growth and eliminates Beard Itch.

Zorilla’s nourishing beard balm is rich in shea butter and blended with six moisture giving oils. Each ingredient adds amazing benefits for the finest beard. The balm is softly scented with complex blend of essential oils with top notes of bergamot and woody aroma of amyris, cedarwood and smokey vetiver.

Cocoa butter increases shine, promotes hair growth and prevents premature greying. Apricot kernel oil eliminates beard ” druff”. Sweet almond oil contains omega 3 and magnesium. Avocados are an amazing food group, but the oil is also a super hero! The oil is rich with vitamin A, E, and D and collagen.

Zorilla’s nourishing beard balm is lightly scented with essential oils which also aid healthy beard hair growth. Frankincense moisturises the hair follicles and is anti bacterial. Amyris is similar to sandalwood, but not endangered like sandalwood! It is great for anti itch and can even repel mosquitoes! It best used after showering or washing the beard.

Dark Heart Beard Oil Softens Facial Hair and Reduces Beard Itch.

It’s all natural ingredients promote hair growth and provide nourishment to the beard.

The Dark Heart Beard Co’s coffee & Leather beard oil smells like a fine bearded gentleman drinking an expertly roasted espresso whilst reclining in his favourite leather arm chair. Works the best after washing beard hair with the Rosemary Wash Bar to eliminate bacteria.

Contains Organic Hemp seed oil, Kawakawa oil, Jojoba oil and Extra Virgin Olive oil infused with fair trade Arabica beans, Whisky & woodsmoke natural fragrance.

To really work your beard, use the wooden comb to really add shine and shape to the hair.

Included in every gift box is a gift card and of course minties to sweeten the deal!


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