Counsel Handmade Leather Minimalist Cardholder


Thread Colour: Black
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You’re viewing Counsel Handmade Leather Extra Cardholder to command all of your senses. Nowadays, the use of money bills and coins has been lessened to a minimum. Particularly the people working at the desk started to fancy small and thin leather card wallet. The design of this card leather wallet was completed in line with this need. Made from the finest, durable and high-quality leather possible. At the same time, with its stylish and convenient design, it gave you a great advantage in attracting attention. It is also produced from 1st class vegetal leather. Minimal design makes it easy to carry in your pocket.

We're convinced enough to say that you have never had a minimalist wallet made of real leather of this quality. This leather men's cardholder will make you look important and rich, pulling the gaze of those around you.

This stylish leather cardholder will give you great comfort beyond what you have, unlike other business leather cardholders. Counsel Handmade Leather Minimalist Cardholder has 2 slots and this means that it can carry 2 cards in total. This handmade leather men's wallet, thanks to its slim design, does not stay puffy in your pocket like other fabricated credit cardholders. This leather cardholder is 3.56" x 3.94" in size and we have done best to have a minimalist design. Our business card case is very light in size and has soft leather. Moreover, this handy leather wallet men has a weight of only 1.56 oz.


Vegetal Leather, Waxy Rope, Beeswax, Dye

Leather Quality
This minimalist leather cardholder that gets better when you use it. You will feel the leather quality from the first moment you receive your cardholder.

Production Process
This men's handmade leather cardholder is distinct from all the minimalist wallet you've ever had. Because this leather cardholder is completely handcrafted. We paint the untreated leather that we will use for the business cardholder with natural dyes using fabrics. Since our paints are natural, they give our leather cardholder a nice and non-artificial look. After we paint the leather cardholder, we go to the next process. We create holes with steel punches on the men's leather wallet. We stitch minimalist leather card holder, using the waxed rope with two needles. The stitching of the minimalist card case is so strong that even if it is 20 years old, the stitches will remain intact.

All our leather wallets are handcrafted by our artisans with natural materials. The wallets you order can not be exactly the same as shown in the product images. There may be a slight difference in leather shade, cut and traces of leather.

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