Cosmo with real cranberry + sweet orange


Size: 750ml Bottle
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In a Cosmo or Cosmopolitan the orange presents sweetness and light flavour whilst the cranberry presents tartness and the vodka works to pull all the other flavours together.

Our Good Cocktail Co Cosmo Cocktail Mixer is crafted with the goodness of cranberry juice + natural botanical extract of sweet orange, and is all natural, vegan and gluten-free and is best served with Vodka.

This pre-mixed Cosmo will have you enjoying this modern classic quick sharp and is best served with vodka.Using all-natural ingredients, Good Cocktail Co Cosmo Cocktail Mixer provides a consistent solution for serving this delicious cocktail.

Simply add alcohol, shake and strain over ice. 

No vodka? Try with gin or go tropical, go dark rum - yum.
Try with soda or non-alcoholic bubbles for an alcohol-free mocktail.

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