All occasions cards - 10 pack


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Save over 40% and never be stuck without a card!

This awesome pack of 10 assorted designs will mean you are prepared for any occasion that my come your way!

Pack includes the following designs:

1. Congratulations - Balloons (Hand finished with gold leaf)

2. Thinking of you - Sending you a big hug

3. Thank you - A little note Fantail

4. Compliment - You are totally Amazeballs

5. Birthday - Wahoo another year more amazing!

6. Birthday - Hot balloon lots of love (Hand finished with gold leaf)

7. Birthday - Better perspective

8. Mother's Day - Hot air balloons (Hand finished with gold leaf)

9. Father's Day - Today you get a card

10.Christmas - Kiwiana wreath


All cards are designed and printed in NZ by i candy. Envelopes included.

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