Silk Satin Poncho - Eco-printed - Eco friendly - Natural dyes


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Silk satin is a beautiful fabric, taking the natural dyes very well. The colours that result are more stunning than the camera can catch. The sheen is high and a lot of the leaf dyes print with a real metallic shine.

This style has no side seams which means the poncho can be worn at various angles, showing the different leaves used in different areas. The neckline is bound. Width across is 109cm and the length when worn straight is 70cm.

This garment has been eco-printed with liquidambar, privet, maple, feijoa, plectranthus and elderflower leaves, in a eucalyptus dye bath which has resulted prodiminantly in a variety of beautiful  yellow hues.

 Wash care - All plant dyed items should be washed in a Ph neutral washing liquid. We recommend a cold water hand wash and a wool wash detergent. Gentle spin or drip dry in shade and cool iron.

Each product is hand made with a technique that can sometimes produce random spots and marks. Please note that these marks are part of the original printing process and are not considered flaws. Just think of them as adding to the unique appearance of your garment. We call them happy accidents!

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