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Love feijoas? This is your new favourite drink!

Apple & feijoa is our most subtle-tasting Hard Sparkling - a zing of feijoa rounded out by juicy apples. Refreshing!

6 x 330ml cans
4.6% alc/vol

What is a hard sparkling? 

Native is NZ's first Hard Sparkling, based off the popular hard seltzer market in the US. We make our Hard Sparkling with sparkling water and delicious real fruit, sourced locally where possbile. It's added to a neutral alcohol base of fermented/distilled cane sugar, instead of gin, rum or vodka. Our Hard Sparklings are low in sugar, carbs and calories. We also support our conservation projects that protect our native species and are proud to partner with Pūkaha wildlife centre, Trees That Count and Squawk Squad. 


Licence Holder: Hard Seltzer Company New Zealand Limited

Licence Number: 38/OFF/039/2019

Licence Expiry: 26 November 2020.

View a copy of the Licence here:

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