Chia Drink Mixed 12 Pack


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In our solar-powered juicery in Nelson we blend chia seeds with antioxidant-rich fruits.

Chia is New Zealand’s most nutritious bottled beverage. Enjoy Chia to boost your brain power, increase natural energy and improve gut health.

Each case of the Chia Mix contains three bottles of 

  • Blackcurrant Brain Boost Chia
  • Blueberry Antioxidant Chia
  • Coconut Water & Mango Immuniy Chia
  • Orange & Passionfruit Natural Energy Chia

Carton size: 12 x 275ml


Blackcurrant Chia: Hydrated organic chia seeds (90%), organic Hawkes Bay apples, South Island blackcurrants, natural blackcurrant flavour.

Blueberry Chia: Hydrated organic chia seeds (89%), organic Hawkes Bay apples, blueberries, South Island blackcurrants, lemon juice, natural blueberry flavour.

Orange Passionfruit Chia: Hydrated organic chia seeds (88%), orange concentrate, organic Hawkes Bay apples, passionfruit puree, Kerikeri organic lemon concentrate, paprika, citric acid, natural flavour.

Coconut Water & Mango Chia: Hydrated organic chia seeds (80%), mangoes, coconut water, organic Hawkes Bay apples, guava puree, natural flavours, Kerikeri lemons, citric acid.


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