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The Dr Oxygen Generator Unit is completely portable, economical, easy to run and very efficient and is used to promote healthy living  and wellbeing    

  • It needs no power or highly pressurised Oxygen

Our Bodies Need Oxygen - reasons why we need oxygen include:-

Oxygen is a detoxification agent so it takes out the trash

Oxygen metabolizes the food we eat       

Oxygen is great for Cellular Regeneration 

Oxygen supports the brain to work at its best    

Oxygen nourishes our muscles so they can work to the best of their ability                                                                                                                

Oxygen is needed to build proteins and hormones that our bodies use for proper function         

Oxygen is beneficial for viruses, parasites, bacteria and strengthens the Immune System

Great for conditions like Asthma, Emphysema, Lungs, Allergies, Sleep, Depression, Stress, and lots more

* Dr Oxygen works on the basis of a safe chemical reaction

* US Patent (No 043487) their quality control warrant this stabiliser and the safe chemical reaction.

Package Contents:-

* 1 - Oxygen Generator, Lid and see through core

* 1 – Supporter     * 2– Masks and Elastic      * 2 Nasal Tubes     * 10 sets of A and B Sachets

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