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Contained within every 250g jar - every granule is unique as they come from a vast array of flower sources. This variety results in many different colours of bee pollen in every jar. Our beekeepers collect the pollen granules which are then carefully dried and handled to protect their nutritional qualities.
1. Impressive nutritional profile with more than
250 active substances
2. High antioxidant content protects from free
radicals and chronic diseases.
3. May lower heart disease risk factors like high
blood lipids and cholesterol.
4. May boost liver function and protect your liver
from toxic substances.
5. Packs several compounds with anti
inflammatory properties.
6. May help you avoid illness by boosting
immunity and killing bacteria.
7. May aid wound healing and prevent infections.
8. May have anti cancer properties.
9. May ease menopause symptoms like hot
10. May improve nutrient utilization, metabolism
and longevity
11. Safe for most people and easy to add to your diet.

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