Boredom Buster Enrichment Dog Toy


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This interactive Soda Bottle Treat Dispenser is an awesome boredom buster toy for all dogs, big and small. It provides great stimulation for your dog and tons of fun.


Simply fill the bottle up with your pup's favourite treats/kibble and watch them work out how to get these. The treat dispenser is a fantastic toy to keep dogs busy, it is especially great for dogs left on their own as it is a toy that they can use when nobody is around. These are really easy to use and your pet will love figuring out how to get the treats out.  


The toy has three adjustable height levels to fit the size of your pooch. You can also change the height to make it more difficult (more fun!) once they master the easier level. If you wish to make it even harder, just put tape over some of the holes.

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