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Conditioning Beard Oil Containing Eight Health Promoting Oils.

Zorilla’s conditioning beard oil contains eight carrying oils and a fine blend of essential oils to promote hair growth, reduce itch, and leave the beard radiant and soft. The soft aroma has top notes of patchouli and lime with the woody base notes of Amyris and cedarwood.

Apricot kernel oil eliminates beard ” druff”. Sweet almond oil contains omega 3 and magnesium. Avocados are an amazing food group, but the oil is also a super hero! The oil is rich with vitamin A, E, and D and collagen.

This conditioning oil also contains New Zealand pumpkin seed oil. Pumpkin seed oil actually combats hair loss ( head or beard! ) by blocking Di Hydrotestorone. This is a bi-product of testosterone which shrinks the hair follicles causing baldness. An amazing and almost unknown hero oil.  Finally, the inclusion of hemp oil in this complex blend further ensures the deeply conditioning impact on the beard. It actually creates keratin and is 75% omega 3. A fantastic oil for skin and hair.

Zorilla’s conditioning beard oil is lightly scented with essential oils which also aid healthy beard hair growth. Frankincense moisturises the hair follicles and is anti-bacterial. Amyris is similar to sandalwood, but not endangered like sandalwood! It is great for anti-itch and can even repel mosquitoes! For best results use after showering or washing the beard.

How to Apply Beard Oil

  1. Rub 4 – 5 drops into hands and rub the hands together, including fingers.
  2. Rub down the side of the beard.
  3. Rub down the front of the beard.
  4. Rub up and under the chin.
  5. Done!

Use daily for best results.

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