Eco-printed Coptic Bound Book


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The book covers and all nine signature covers of this totally original hand bound book have been eco-printed using leaves and flowers from my garden. The colours that you see in each original image are all natural, as eco-printing is a method of transfering the colours and tannins from plants directly onto paper or textiles using heat and pressure.

This book measures  21cm x 15cm (8.25" x 5.75") A5 size with 72 pages (144 sides) of 80gsm recycled white paper and 18 (36 sides) of eco-printed paper. The covers have been sealed with decoupage sealer. Each book has been stitched together by hand using the coptic stitch method with waxed cotton thread. The coptic stitching binding allows the book to lie flat when open.

Natural, sustainable, eco-friendly and just waiting for your inspirations, thoughts and memories.

Each product is hand made with a technique that can sometimes produce random spots and marks. Please note that these marks are part of the original printing process and are not considered flaws. Just think of them as adding to the unique appearance of your book. We call them happy accidents!

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