Chia Sisters Mum's Muesli Batch made 500g


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We batch-make Mum's Muesli to order. Cut off for the week is 9am Tuesday.

This is a new way of eating...

You know how homemade muesli always tastes better? That is because it's fresh, straight from the oven, and that is exactly what we have made here. 

This is not business as usual. No more sitting in a supermarket for weeks, no more strange moisture absorbing sachets, no more sugar disguised as syrup, no more middle monkey.

Batch-made by hand, the way we like it using our Mum's recipe. Just like everything at Chia Sisters, Mum's Muesli is packed with nutrition and protein, no added sugar and all natural. 

Pack size: 500gm (that's twice the weight of the average supermarket cereal)


Otago oats, organic pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, organic New Zealand buckwheat, red quinoa, almonds, chia seeds, Canterbury linseeds, Golden Bay Southern Rata and Kamahi honey, olive oil, hemp hearts, hemp protein, Marlborough sea salt.

Allergens: tree nuts, gluten (oats), and honey. 


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