Little Wild Lullabies - Award Winning Lullaby Music by Claudia Robin Gunn


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Little Wild Lullabies is a collection of indie folk ballads and lullabies as much for parents as it is for their little ones, from the award winning NZ songwriter Claudia Robin Gunn.
These songs are a
nchored in Claudia’s warm and layered vocal harmonies, and amplified with inspired folk pop arrangements and orchestral sound cues designed to provoke the imagination. This is her debut children's CD and was produced by Bruce and Andy Lynch. 

Claudia was drawn to write this mindful and quietly exultant music firstly to survive parenthood herself (most songs were road tested at bedtime when it really counted) and also to send wishes, hope, and a gentle hug in sound to parents and caregivers in their most beautiful, yet challenging hours.  


Little Wild Music is a little creative endeavour with a big mission: to celebrate the magic in every extraordinary day of childhood.

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