If you’re all set to become a Peddler (pretty cool name, huh?), you can skip this page and apply to be a Peddler here so that you can get peddling (will you help us make up as many p words as possible?!).

However, if you’re not quite convinced about selling through Peddle, let us persuade you (another p word!):

  • You can list as many products as you like for free and we’ll only take a 10% commission on any transactions made (and that includes any transaction fees and charges from Stripe)
  • 100% of profits will be reinvested back into Peddle to promote and market the platform (and thereby your products)
  • You’ll join a community of Peddlers - and we have a great vision to grow this community and offer support to help you run and grow your business
  • You’ll be helping a small NZ business (we’re just starting out, remember what that felt like?) to open up another sales channel for businesses like yours

Who can sell on Peddle?

Peddle is all about supporting Kiwi businesses to sell online, and to a broader audience than they might be able to find on their own. We want Kiwis (and the rest of the world) to discover the quality awesome, creative, interesting and useful products that come from Kiwis in our own backyard. So our key criteria is that your business is NZ owned and operated.

Your products don't need to be "NZ Made" because the eligibility for this is quite strict and means lots of Kiwi businesses' products don't comply, because they import materials from offshore. However, what we're not is a site for a reseller who imports their finished products from overseas. There has to be some kind of NZ Inc angle to the product - we're showcasing great stuff from NZ, not products that can be bought from other parts of the world. 

If you sell quality products and are keen to list your products with us, apply to sell here or get in touch if you have any questions at info@peddlenz.com.