Before you start

Adding products to Peddle is quick and easy, have ready:

  • Good quality product imagery
  • A description and price  for the product(s)
  • SKUS or unique IDs that you use
  • Stock levels if you plan to use Peddle to manage your stock
  • The size and weight of your products, as well as dimensions for packaging, to calculate shipping

The Peddle team will review the products you submit within 48 hours to check new products look great and add tags to help customers find them online. 


Adding new products

Adding products

You have a few ways that you can add products - either one by one, using a spreadsheet (csv file) or by connecting your existing Shopify store (if you have one) to bring over the products you have on your website already. 

All of the options to add products are relatively straightforward. You might need a bit of help if you choose the CSV file option to upload bulk products, but an example CSV file is made available that you can use as your template. 

Whichever way you choose to add your products, make sure you:

  • Include a good product description - really sell your product and include important information like ingredients (if relevant), size of the product (e.g. 250mg) and anything else that a shopper might like to know.
  • Include the weight and dimensions of your product when packaged to ship - this is really important for our integrated shipping, 


When it comes to adding price for your product, ignore the Compare Price field. 

You can add inventory information here if you wish. If you don't want to track inventory, change the drop down field to "Do not track inventory for this product." If you do track inventory, make sure you edit how many items are available, otherwise Shopify will consider there are none, and it will show 'Out of Stock.'

To enable the integrated shipping to function properly, make sure you add product weights and also dimensions of packaging (approximately is fine!). 


Adding Product Variants

Variants are different options for the product you are selling.  A variant might be the size, colour or flavour.  

At the bottom of the Add Product form, you will see the option to add size variants in.  If you leave this empty, they won’t appear on your page.  To add sizes, enter the options into the box using a comma or the enter button after each number e.g. 10, 12, 14, 16.

To add in a second variant use the button Add Options.  By default it will ask for a colour variant.  If this isn’t relevant delete the text and add the right description e.g. Flavour and then enter your options as above e.g. Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach.

Adding Product Imagery

Adding images to your products is easy.  Simply upload files from your computer by clicking the Add Image button.  Your images should be of a good quality and the same dimensions so they are engaging for customers.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THE FILE SIZES ARE LESS THAN 250MB. Otherwise this will impact our Search Engine Optimisation. 

If you have added product variants you can also upload an image to represent this e.g. an image of a black boot and a brown boot.  When users select the colour option on Peddle’s site, the product image will automatically change to show the corresponding image.

Other questions

What’s the Compare at Price?

This is the Recommended Retail Price for your item.  You can leave this field blank if it's not relevant to you.

    What’s the Inventory Policy?

    You can use Peddle to keep track of the inventory for your products and display an out of stock message.  If you have already have stock management tools, you might decide not to use this option.