If you are interested to sell your products on Peddle, please apply by clicking the link below. 

The main requirement for being a Peddler is that you are an NZ owned/operated business. Your products don't have to be "made in NZ" according to the strict definition, BUT you can't import products and resell them either. There has to be an "NZ" angle - whether that's the design, creation, or part manufacturing of them. 

While we don't have strict criteria for selling on Peddle, we are after vendors selling great quality products and providing a good experience for buyers. Vendors will be considered on a case-by-case basis. One thing to keep in mind - photography is really important, so you need to have decent product photos to put on Peddle. Photos play a key role in converting buyers to purchase. 

If you haven't had professional photos done, but would like to, we can recommend a number of photographers around the country who are available at reasonable rates to help you get the best product shots you can. Just ask. 


Apply to sell on Peddle