Our purpose is to support Kiwi businesses creating, producing, and making quality products. Local NZ businesses are the backbone of our economy. They produce products ethically in accordance with NZ employment laws, create jobs, pay taxes and forge innovation that advances our country. We are a nation of thinkers and doers. We have number 8 wire in our pockets and ingenuity in our blood. There are so many wonderful and interesting businesses in our country, with people creating fantastic, quality, and useful products. We want to help Kiwis - and the rest of the world - discover them!

Founded by us, NZ-born and raised Bridget, and German-born/French-raised "new Kiwi" Theresa, Peddle was a germ of an idea that simmered away and then grew legs. COVID hit and put it all on steroids. Never before has it been so important for us all to support NZ businesses. Our mission is to help businesses succeed by giving them a platform to peddle their products, both to Kiwis and people around the world. 

This is Peddle. Discover the best of NZ.