Meet Our Peddlers - Philip Luxton

At Peddle we love to celebrate the people behind the products. Hearing their stories and sharing them with you is what brings us joy. 

We continue on our Peddle storytelling adventure with Philip Luxton - the craftsman behind Black Robin Knives. His passion for making beautiful objects is inspiring - it has been his "lifelong love affair." Five minutes into our chat it becomes clear that his shed (where he runs his workshop) is his happy place.

"I would love to make knives all day long."

Unfortunately being a small business owner means Philip has to do it all: IT, accounting software, social media. According to Philip, some aspects of running a business are not always within his comfort zone and can often be a steep learning curve. Philip mentions that the trickiest part of running a business is the lack of actual production time. Right now he spends most of his time setting up the business.

"I feel like I need some help because the setting up of the business is taking up valuable production time". 

Philip has been a craftsman all his life. He was a potter for 25 years and 15 years ago, while working as a builder for a short period of time due to a need for financial stability, he discovered his love of timber. Never being motivated by money, Philip quickly returned to his shed to do what he does best: create beautiful objects. 

But it was a friend of his who introduced him to knives. Philip started sharpening knives at the Clevedon Markets every Sunday morning. He slowly started designing his own knives and creating handles made from native New Zealand timber. And although Philip has a wealth of experience when it comes to craftsmanship, he is pretty much self-taught when it comes to knives. To learn he got a little bit of help from his friend and watched "a lot of YouTube videos." Every knife that Philip makes is unique and comes lovingly wrapped in a fabric tea towel. The packaging is made from recycled plastic. Philip is all about sustainability, from start to finish. 

Before we leave Philip, we ask him  one last question - what's his best piece of business advice?

"I am famous for not taking business advice but I would say: control your inventory, and don’t spend money on things that will sit around and collect dust." 

By the time we said our goodbyes, we had not only fallen in love with the Black Robin knives, but also with the passionate craftsmanship story behind them. 

This is what Peddle is all about. Celebrating kiwi creations with heart.

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