Meet Our Peddlers - Julia Donald

At Peddle we are all about the people, and a couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure to meet one of our very first Peddle artists, Julia Donald (Julz). She invited us into her beautiful home where we got to have a sneak peek at her stunning paintings (check them out here), a beautiful match to her vibrant personality.

Julz, a "new Kiwi" (Aussie-bred but married to a Kiwi), moved to New Zealand six years ago with her three young daughters who are now 6, 8 and 10. 

From an early age she always loved creating (alongside playing the cello!) and her career took her to the world of advertising and graphic design. But it wasn't until she moved to New Zealand that she started creating artworks. She started off making lace earrings (you can also check out her earrings) for friends and got into paintings when she moved into a new home. Faced with a whole lot of white walls, Julz suddenly had a desire to add some colour as well as her very own touch of personality. That's when she started to really enjoy painting. Two and a half years ago she began working with resin, mainly as a hobby, but also because she loved the ethereal effect of it. Originally she used resin on earrings and just kept scaling up. 

The process for the paintings is pretty organic. Julz gets inspiration for each piece from a particular mood or atmosphere - often from a place she visited during her travels. From there she chooses the colours she wants to work with and the rest is a whole lot of magic, talent (although she is way too modest to admit to it!) and a little bit of science. 

When we asked her what she enjoys the most about her art, she said "I love the idea that I might be able to create something that brings joy to someone else". Well, you definitely do Julz! Your paintings will brighten up anyone's home.

We could have stayed chatting all day (we were with Julz for hours!) but we had to ask her one final question: best piece of business advice given so far? 


Definitely a quality needed for anyone running their own business. Here is to all of you forging your path like Julz! 


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